What is the Edgehill Neighborhood Coalition?

The mission of the Edgehill Neighborhood Coalition is to: Help protect Edgehill by creating a sense of place and social fabric focused on its unique 150 year history and rich racial, cultural, and socio-economic diversity; Offer pathways for civic engagement (the foundation of our democracy) in Edgehill by helping each other actively shape the place in which we live; Collectively problem-solve by engaging Edgehill’s residents to address concerns and opportunities that face us as a community; and Make genuine, long-lasting improvements to our neighborhood’s livability for ALL of Edgehill’s residents.

For Edgehill’s residents, businesses, and organizations that are concerned about Edgehill’s history, vitality, and diversity, the ENC provides relevant and timely information about programs and trends, a policy voice in our neighborhood, and a support network of organizations and individuals with similar goals.  Our core belief is that we are ALL stronger together.

The ENC is a convener of people and organizations concerned about Edgehill, a conduit of information about programs and policies, and an advocate for ALL of Edgehill and its neighborhood-based organizations. The coalition is not a 501c3 and does not solicit any funding. Its primary memberships is through organizations although some individuals who are not directly connected to any of Edgehill’s organizations are welcomed.

What the Edgehill Neighborhood Coalition Does

The ENC serves as a crucial link to Nashville’s policy makers for the Edgehill neighborhood and community-based organizations and an important networking resource for representatives concerned about Nashville’s urban neighborhoods, community development, housing and a wide range of other neighborhood issues.

The Monthly Meetings– The ENC meets monthly to discuss needs of our community and plan how we can address these needs supportively of one another and collectively when needed. Meetings have featured discussion by senior government officials and other leaders on a wide range of timely and topical neighborhood issues. Members of the ENC coalition also have a regular opportunity at the meetings to exchange news and information on programs and issues that are important to all part of the Edgehill community.

The ENC Voice- The ENC has a blog that all members can access and contribute to as a source of news and information about neighborhood issues.  The Voice lists job openings, publications, events, and information about activities of ENC members.

Advocacy – The Edgehill Neighborhood Coalition brings a broad based network together to inform policymakers about the concerns of the Edgehill neighborhood.

Educational and Information – The ENC is the source for information on issues affecting urban neighborhoods with a focus on keeping on protecting and enhancing the history and diversity of Edgehill.

Planning– All urban neighborhoods must be proactive in the face of multiple challenges. The ENC is the organizing body for Edgehill’s neighborhood plans. The planning/ policy interface of the ENC ensures the value of land, buildings or public investment can be protected and enhanced – all aimed at having a positive impact on the quality of life for residents, families and businesses in Edgehill.