Edgehill Coalition Chosen as a Promise Zone Partner

The Nashville Promise Zone (NPZ) comprises 46-square miles, including the neighborhoods just south, east, and north of Nashville’s central business district (9.67 percent of Metropolitan Nashville, Davidson County).

The NPZ represents a quarter of the County’s overall violent crimes, including nearly half of its homicides and a third of its robberies. The Promise Zone’s lead organization, the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA), has public housing developments throughout the NPZ. In several of these developments, more than half of households report zero income, and overall the NPZ reports a poverty rate of 37.61%. NPZ residents face low post-secondary education levels and road congestion that make upward mobility, affordable housing and employment more difficult to obtain.

The Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA) is working in partnership with the Mayor’s office, six implementation partners and more than 87 supporting partners from government, local institutions, nonprofits, and community organizations.

These promise zone partners have come together to undertake a collaborative effort to socially and economically transform the community. MDHA and its partners have identified the following six goals to improve the quality of life and accelerate revitalization: • Create Jobs • Spur Economic Activity • Expand Educational Opportunities • Reduce Violent Crime • Increase Access To Quality Affordable Housing • Improve Community Infrastructure Lead Organization: Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA) Population: 121,470 Poverty Rate: 37.61% Unemployment Rate: 14.08% Key Partners: Conexión Américas, Martha O’Bryan Center, Edgehill Coalition, St. Luke’s Community House, Urban League of Middle Tennessee, Woodbine Community Organization Nashville Promise Zone Third Round “It is my administration’s priority to ensure access to safe and affordable neighborhoods; access to high-quality public education; access to transportation and infrastructure; and access to high-quality jobs.

As mayor, I am confident that Nashville’s Promise Zone will effectively address these priorities.” Megan Barry, Nashville Mayor

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