Hawkins Street Proposed Development- Declined Unanimously by Neighbors

As you may recall, last April 2016, the owner and developer presented to the Edgehill community plans for the development of property at 1304 and 1306 Hawkins ( Map 93-13, Parcels 561 and 562). The neighborhood declined the original plan.

On March 23rd at New Hope Missionary Baptist Church over 30 members of the Hawkins/ South Streets area met to hear what the owner of this same property proposed to build. The meeting was led by Ronnie Miller, ONE member, and Janet Shands, ENP member, and hosted by Rev. James Turner. Clink on the links to see the plan that was discussed.

Hawkins Street-Elevations

Hawkins Street-Site Plan

After discussion, the Edgehill community voted unanimously to decline the owners’ request for an SP (permission to build more than legally zoned). The parcels allow for 6 units and they were requesting 22). Zoning ordinances help communities grow in sensible ways.The community agreed that an apartment complex in the heart of a residential community was not appropriate or desired. 


Hawkins Street-Elevations

Hawkins Street-Site Plan

Thanks to everyone who came to protect Edgehill and to help keep it a place we can ALL call home. 



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