Why is it important for Edgehill to have a neighborhood plan? Leadership Team Chaired by Rob Benshoof & Ronnie Miller

Neighborhood planning has become increasingly important throughout the United States. Neighborhood plans are becoming more widely known for carrying a greater impact on the quality of life of a community. In fact, the Obama administration recently organized the White House Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative with an emphasis on transforming neighborhoods. Following suit, foundations and Federal Departments (including HUD) are funding Neighborhood Planning efforts.

 What is a master plan? Master Plans cover a wide range of topics and issues related to the growth and development of a community – often over a period of 20-30 years. These plans consider community background and data that focus on the future economic development, housing, recreation and open space, transportation, and land use in an entire municipality and or region. The Plan is comprehensive in scope and its goals and policies are intended to be supportive of one another. The comprehensive Master Plan provides the basis for other plans, ordinances and documents that offer more detailed direction regarding specific activities and requirements. All municipal plans and implementing ordinances are required by law to be consistent with the Master Plan.

 Through neighborhood plans, the value of land, buildings or public investment can be protected and enhanced – which has a positive impact on the quality of life for residents, families and businesses in that community. Community or government leaders can also build and sustain value in neighborhoods. Edghill’s Neighborhood Plan is being led by a leadership team chaired by Ronnie Miller (Villa Place, ONE) and Rob Benshoof (14th Ave. South, Walk Bike Nashville). Other members of the leadership team include Joel Dark (EVNA & ONE), Joyce Harris (Tremont, ENC), Cynthia Matthews (ENP), Janet Shands (14th Ave. South, ENP),  Austin Sauerbrei (ENP), and Pearl Sims (14th Ave. South, ENC).  If you would like to join this team, please contact the coalition at edgehillcoalition@gmail.com. We need all the help we can ge to protect Edgehill.

(Resource: New Jersey State League of Municipalities website Importance of Neighborhood PlanningMay 2016)

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