Zoning Change transitions the contiguous R6 portions of Edgehill west of 12th Ave S to R6-A- Helps protect residential nature of Edgehill.

The Edgehill Neighborhood Coalition has been meeting for almost a year to determine strategic steps we can take together to protect the historic and richly diverse community of Edgehill. As part of the work of the coalition, a letter to our two councilmen, CM Freddie O’Connell and CM Colby Sledge, requesting help in protecting Edgehill was approved for submission by the Coalition at its November meeting, crafted by Drs. Joel Dark, Ben Tran, and Pearl Sims, and reviewed and signed by two of Edgehill related attorneys, John Triggs and Cynthia Matthews. A copy of this letter can be obtained by requesting it at edgehillcoalition@gmail.com

Pursuant to the coalition’s letter to our councilmen and a subsequent meeting with CM Freddie by coalition leaders, a community wide meeting was Dec. 15th 5:30- 6:30 at the Midtown Police Precinct.

The result of this meeting was as follows:

Brandon Burnette in the Metro Council office worked on a bill that would transition the contiguous R6 portions of Edgehill west of 12th Ave S to R6-A. CM Freddie  O’Connell is using one of his three allowed zoning bills to cover it. CM Sledge is a co-sponsor, and they both expect Planning Commission approval barring a sudden and severe change in community support.

The bill passed the Feb 23rd  Planning Commission on consent and unanimously at the March 7 and became legislation on March 21st.  Thanks to  each of you for working so hard in Edgehill to continue its tradition of being a great neighborhood with great neighbors. For more information, please contact any of the following people.

CM O’Connelland CM Colby Sledge are always available to us if you have any questions.They both care deeply about issues related to Edgehill.

Edgehill Neighborhood Organizations and Contacts

Edgehill Neighborhood Coaltion- Joel Dark and Pearl Sims

Edgehill Neighborhood Partnership– Louise Morris, Cynthia Matthews, Janet Shands

Edgehill United Methodist Church– John Feldhacker and Austin Sauerbrei

Edgehill Village Neighborhood Association– Rachel Zijlstra and Ben Tran

Family Resource Center– Brenda Morrow

Organized Neighbors of Edgehill– King Hollands and Ronnie Miller

Salama Urban Ministries– Dawana Wade

Watson Grove Baptist Church– Phillip Boyd

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