Plan to Play- 10 Year Plan for Metro Parks- Includes New Parks in Edgehill- Presentation July 20th at 6:00 pm.

Please take a moment to go to and link to the Parks &Recreation Department to find the just released 10 year plan for  Parks called “Plan to Play.”

The plan is lengthy (over 250 pages.) If you are short on time some key highlights as it pertains to our neighborhood are two specific capital projects.  The first is the replacement of the Easley Community Center with a 30,000 sq ft regional community center. (See Page 147.)
The second is to extend the Greenway from the South Gulch to South Street. If you have walked the bridge over 12th Ave South to go to the Gulch, you know that it is less than ideal from a safety standpoint.  (See Page 141.)
You will find a list of program opportunities, i.e. after school programs, senior activities, etc on pages 162-163.  We need programs for all our residents particularly as we go through the redevelopment of Edgehill homes.

On page 151 you find information on adding 65 playgrounds and enhancing existing ones throughout the city.  Our own Tony Rose park would be a great one to enhance.

For the complete report see  For more information, plan to attend the Edgehill Coalition meeting at Salama (1205 8th Ave.South) at 6:00 p.m. Metro will be discussing how this plan will impact Edgehill.

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