South Street Traffic Calming Study Update

Thanks to the leadership of Ronnie Miller, Janet Shands, Rachel Zijlstra and other coalition leaders, the negotiations with the Music Row Development group (seeking a SP approval from our community) successfully led to our engagement with RPM Transportation Consultants and to Edgehill’s selection to participate in The Metro Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (MNTMP). This program and its consultants are designed to help mitigate the effects of speeding and cut-through traffic in residential neighborhoods. As major roadways and intersections in Nashville become more congested, motorists often resort to using local residential streets to bypass congestion. All of us living close to South Street experience this everyday.

The MNTMP program worked with coalition leaders to find solutions for accommodating growth in a way that can protect neighborhoods from the negative impacts of traffic. Specifically, they provided a process for us to identify and address problems related to speeding motorists, excessive traffic volumes and overall concern for safety on residential streets. This started with data collection and analysis. The attached pdf is a summation of the data gathered.

As a result of the coalition’s work with RPM Transportation Consultants to further develop and evaluate the various requirements, benefits and trade-offs of traffic calming techniques and devices within this part of our neighborhood. (A special thank you to the RPM Consultants and to Rev. Turner at New Hope Baptist Church for hosting a very productive meeting on March 23rd.)

The repaving of 16th Avenue S. is on track for occurring this month (you most likely have already noticed the milling and temporary striping that was done a week or so ago). The intersection improvements identified for South St/16th Ave S will be implemented with this effort so you should see some movement here soon on that. The second half of the design plans (intersection improvements for South St/14thAve S) are being reviewed by our head Engineer and should be submitted MPW within the next week or two. Given the queue, these improvements will be implemented after those on 16th Ave S.  Just wanted to let you know that you will be seeing phases of implementation versus all at once, as questions from residents may pop up as they start to see measures implemented. A special thank you to  Liesel Goethert, Traffic Calming Coordinator for Metro Neighborhood Traffic Management Program.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to get in touch with the coalition at

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