Annual Review and Planning, January 2017

The January 2017 meeting of the Edgehill Neighborhood Coalition was primarily devoted to reviewing our accomplishments in 2016 and planning for our work in the year ahead.

In a reflection and dialogue facilitated by Mike Hodge, each participant was asked to identify one achievement of the Coalition in 2016 that was most meaningful for them personally and to share their hopes for the Coalition and the Edgehill neighborhood. The discussion demonstrated a widely shared positive view of the Coalition’s work in 2016, including a number of remarkable advances for the neighborhood (signage, successful dialogue with developers, Promise Zone recognition, etc.).

Two primary, ongoing achievements of the Coalition recognized in the discussion were:

(1) the linking/connection of neighborhood organizations and their effective collaboration across all of Edgehill; and

(2) the building of relationships with key Nashville leaders and institutions.

These achievements provided the basis for the Coalition’s other successes in 2016 and represent essential core commitments for all of our objectives in 2017.

Within this framework, the following objectives were identified for further discussion at the Coalition’s March meeting:

Potential Goal (listed alphabetically) Notes from January Meeting

Draft- Discussion (selection and prioritization) to be continued in March meeting

Who will bring back more thoughts to March meeting? (Not who will do the work ahead- that is all of us!)
Advocate for low cost and affordable housing Work on models of private/public housing including Park at Hillside, city owned property, 39.5 acres of public housing; Community Benefits Agreement? Land Trust?


Build power of tenants to determine own future Keep organizing activities on-going; Work on eviction protection including finding resources needed to keep evictions from happening; link coalition work to other organizations in Nashville working on similar issues Austin
Build stronger support for home owners who do not want to move Work with Office of Neighborhoods in Mayor’s office; Meet with home owners who may be impacted Juanita
Complete detailed neighborhood design plan Keep working with councilmen and Metro to protect Edgehill; Include Envision Edgehill as part of larger community plan Ronnie, Rob, Phillip, and Pearl
Educate neighborhood and others regarding history of Edgehill Focus on showing resistance, resilience, and solidarity of Edgehill as building block for action today. Joel
Engage Edgehill residents in the political process Get people involved, not just reacting; Get people to vote; Get people engaged in understanding civic engagement. Model like Freedom Schools? Brenda and King
Establish Friends of Edgehill Library Establish mission of unifying, building relationships, making it a great place for Edgehill to come together Rachel
Prepare for Envision Edgehill Determine exact steps to prepare coalition to take leadership in Envision Edgehill Janet
Prepare for the Edgehill Promise Sub-Zone Determine exact steps to prepare coalition to take leadership in Edgehill Promise Sub-Zone Louise, Cynthia, Pearl
Strengthen networks and relationships within coalition, all member organizations, and other organizations that can impact Edgehill


Work especially on special activities that will include more elderly and youth in the work of the coalition. Focus on using art and story telling to accomplish this goal. Brenda, Louise, Rebecca