Neighborhood Planning

Edgehill’s Neighborhood Plan Will Ensure Our Community Remains Historic and Diverse

Writing a neighborhood plans can help Edgehill  in many situations, particularly when we have such a diverse and historic community:

• Edgehill has significant problems and issues that are not being resolved particularly related to Envision Edgehill and our over development.

• Edgehill has competing visions for the future, or competing groups that want to mold the neighborhood and control its direction.

• Edgehill residents must  have a tool for agreeing on the physical, social, or economic future of the neighborhood, or on a large development proposal.

• Edgehill’s future looks uncertain if we do not come together as a neighborhood to protect and enhance our historic and diverse community.

Who’s Going to Plan?

In truth, neighborhood plans usually are prepared only where there is a strong neighborhood organization already, or where the municipal government has recognized or arbitrarily created a neighborhood boundary for administrative purposes. In Edgehill’s case, the Edgehill Neighborhood Coaltion was founded in 2015 to serve as the planning co-ordinator.

The first thing ENC did was make sure the city knoew exactly where our borders lie and have worked together to help design and raise funds for neighborhood signage.

ENC will work to try to involve the citizens and others who might have a stake in the community but don’t live there, such as businesspersons or heads of influential organizations housed in your neighborhood. Doing so is critical to obtaining “buy-in” from those groups.

Because Edgehill did not file a detailed neighborhood plan as part of Nashville Next, we will need to do some or all of the work yourselves, but the best of neighborhood plans probably require the help of a professional. Toward that end, our Councilmen have put us in contact with their staff director, Brandon Burnett, who will be helping us with the planning process.