Edgehill Neighorhood Coalition

Edgehill- An Historic and Richly Diverse Community We All Call Home

Conservation Overlay Kick-off Meeting- Held Sept. 6th Midtown Police Precinct

Kick-off Meeting:  The offical kick-off meeting regarding our conservation overlay exploration was Sept. 6th at 6:00 p.m.  at the Midtown Police Precinct.  The agenda included explanations from our neighborhood leaders about what a conservation overlay is, discussions with our Council... Continue Reading →

Edgehill Opposes Belmont University’s Building Indoor Batting Facility and Office at ES Rose Park Updates- Communications with CM Sledge

Letter to Council Members Signing Ordinance August 17, 2017 Council Member Burkley Allen Council Member John Cooper Council Member Colby Sledge Dear Council Members Allen, Cooper, and Sledge: Following on recent community meetings, we are writing to restate our objection... Continue Reading →

Edgehill leads Tony Rose Park Re-Development

Below is a summary of events that led to redevelopment of Tony Rose Park (submittd by Rachel Zijlstra, EVNA) BACKGROUND:  Without any community involvement or notice, Metro Parks has entered into a 1 year lease of Tony Rose Park.  During this... Continue Reading →

Conservation Overlay Team- All Residents of Edgehill

Conservation Overlay Team- All Residents of Edgehill Theo Antoniadis Rob Benshoof Joel Dark Joyce Harris Karin Kalodimos Miller, Ronnie Joyce Searcy Janet Shands Pearl Sims Andrea Sullivan Rachel Zijlstra

Envision Edgehill (RAD)- Underway- Get Involved

What is ENVISION EDGEHILL (RAD)?  In 2012, Congress authorized the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) to test a new way of meeting the large and growing capital improvement needs of the nation’s aging public housing stock, as well as to preserve projects funded... Continue Reading →

Agendas for Current and Past Coalition Meetings Listed Below by Date

AGENDAS LINKED BELOW BY DATE: The mission of the Edgehill Neighborhood Coalition is to:   Help protect Edgehill by creating a sense of place and social fabric focused on its unique 150 year history and rich racial, cultural, and socio-economic... Continue Reading →

Plan to Play- 10 Year Plan for Metro Parks- Includes New Parks in Edgehill- Presentation July 20th at 6:00 pm.

Please take a moment to go to and link to the Parks &Recreation Department to find the just released 10 year plan for  Parks called "Plan to Play." The plan is lengthy (over 250 pages.) If you are short... Continue Reading →

South Street Traffic Calming Study Update

Thanks to the leadership of Ronnie Miller, Janet Shands, Rachel Zijlstra and other coalition leaders, the negotiations with the Music Row Development group (seeking a SP approval from our community) successfully led to our engagement with RPM Transportation Consultants and to... Continue Reading →

Zoning Change transitions the contiguous R6 portions of Edgehill west of 12th Ave S to R6-A- Helps protect residential nature of Edgehill.

The Edgehill Neighborhood Coalition has been meeting for almost a year to determine strategic steps we can take together to protect the historic and richly diverse community of Edgehill.

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