Edgehill Neighborhood Partnership becomes lead for Edgehill’s Sub-Promise Zone

A very special thank you to Edgehill Neighborhood Partnership for being willing to become the lead agency for Edgehill’s Sub-Promise Zone. Below is an overview of the Promise Zone in Nashville. For on-going updates regarding the Edgehill Neighborhood Partnership, see Edgehill Neighborhood Partnership

Nashville, Tennessee is the “It” city and enjoying its time in the spot light; however, while some communities are experiencing intense economic growth and prosperity other communities remain in the shadow. According to the Nashville Chamber of Commerce, in the past year, more than 150 new business projects and expansions have been announced for the area, comprising $2.7 billion in capital investment. Per capita income is on the rise, and the number of cranes and construction teams throughout the region illustrates its economic vitality. But beneath all the ribbon cuttings, groundbreakings and restaurant openings, significant problems remain. Among the most significant problems the Nashville Promise Zone (NPZ) residents face are low post-secondary education levels, road congestion and conditions of poverty that make upward mobility, affordable housing and employment more difficult to obtain. A Promise Zone designation would be a powerful catalyst to ensure that Nashville’s most vulnerable residents are not ignored during this period of economic prosperity. NPZ is a collaboration comprised of the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA), Mayor Megan Barry’s Office, six implementation partners which include strong nonprofit organizations, and more than 87 supporting partners including a comprehensive group of leaders from including government, local institutions, nonprofits, and community organizations. NPZ’s mission is to foster intensive partnerships among Nashville’s organizations that serve high-poverty neighborhoods, improve the collective impact of their service, and address revitalization in a collaborative way. Based on this mission, the NPZ partners will address six primary goals: 1) increase access to quality affordable housing; 2) create jobs; 3) increase economic activity; 4) improve educational opportunities; 5) improve community infrastructure, and 6) reduce violent crime.

For Nashville’s application see the link below Nashville’s Promise Zone- MDHA Material